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Veronica Montgomery


veronica montgomery dds of boise caring dentistry headshot


Veronica Montgomery


“Caring” is in the middle of our name for a reason: We care for each and every one of our patients as if they were family. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best dental care possible so you can live your best life possible.

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Dr. Montgomery and her highly trained, deeply knowledgeable team take a holistic, biological approach to oral health. We emphasize education and prevention. When dental work is needed, we favor conservative treatment plans and minimally invasive procedures. Biocompatibility is a must.

Our office is fragrance-free, fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe. We don’t place metal restorations of any kind. The tooth-colored filling materials we use contain no BPA or related compounds. If your health is compromised or you have a history of sensitivities, we can order serum compatibility testing to determine the best materials for your individual needs.

Our ultimate goal:

To make sure that your smile is as healthy as it can be – so you can be as healthy as you can be.

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  • I was dreading having a tooth extracted (for a couple of years). Dr. Montgomery and her staff were amazing. The extraction took only minutes and two days later still only a minor ache. I'd recommend this office to all of my friends and family!

    Jason Laase Avatar Jason Laase

    They took care of my cavities and I didn’t feel any pain. I did not have sensitive teeth after. The fillings are discreet and it doesn’t look like I once upon a time had cavities. They also built me new retainers that are better than my old one and very discreet! I recommend this place!

    Valéria Lima Avatar Valéria Lima

    The team at Boise Caring Dentistry is excellent. They take great care to ensure the patient understands the procedure and why it is needed. Dr. Veronica Montgomery provides outstanding work. Lovely location as well.

    Patti Perkins Avatar Patti Perkins
  • Going to the dentist often has a negative connotation; however, going to Boise Caring Dentistry is a pleasant surprise. Dr. Montgomery and her staff are exceptional and provide concerned, professional consultations and dental services. I highly recommend them to anyone needing dental assistance.

    Paul Arnett Avatar Paul Arnett

    Boise Caring Dentistry provides excellent dental service. The care and professionalism is top notch. The people are skilled, organized and kind. The quality of their work is exceptional. What I like best is that they are very careful to not use harmful chemicals during dental treatment. They are very thorough.

    Marjorie Cox Avatar Marjorie Cox

    I'm not going to lie, I had to have an awful procedure done but Dr. Montgomery and her entire staff ensured I was informed and well educated about both my options and the procedure I ultimately decided upon. They went to great lengths to ensure I was as comfortable as possible during the actual procedure and continue to work diligently toward resorting my smile. I am completely confident with the work I have had done and l wouldn't trust my future dentistry needs to anyone else.

    Tess Cormell Avatar Tess Cormell
  • Excellent experience! Every time I go in for dental work, the staff, as well as Dr Montgomery have been efficient, friendly and provide outstanding care. This is one top notch place, and would highly recommend to anyone searching for a quality dentist..

    kelly gay Avatar kelly gay

    this business is aptly named. Doctor and staff are truly caring, their work is outstanding and they have been there for me for after hours emergencies on more than one occasion. I strongly recommend that you become a client of Boise Caring Dentistry if you want beautiful teeth in a great atmosphere, cutting edge technology and above all the absolute best customer service.

    Carolyn Bock Avatar Carolyn Bock

    A few words could describe the office staff at Boise Caring Dentistry: professional; thorough; friendly; gentle. The entire staff seems to take a personal interest in the health and lives of each patient. I feel like my needs come first to Dr. Montgomery and every employee at her practice. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Lois Chattin Avatar Lois Chattin
  • Dr.Montgomery and the entire staff at Boise Caring Dentistry are fantastic! Since my first visit as a new patient back in April, I have recieved the best dental care! It had been a few years since I had any dental work done so I knew I was in for some needed proceedures. Dr. Montgomery turned my dreaded appointment into a much happier one. I had two crowns, an onlay and a few fillings done, all with zero discomfort! My treatments were all done quickly and effectively. My crowns felt like my teeth and by that I mean, I have had one other crown done at another dentist out of state, and it felt awkward and painful after the permanent crown was placed. I ended up needing a root canal on that tooth! The crowns Dr. Montgomery did for me feel great! All of my appointments were on time too. I barely know what the chairs feel like in the waiting area because I haven't had to wait more than a few minutes for any of my appointments! I think I actually only sat down once. Everyone from Kimba, (helped me navigate my dental insurance and keep me informed on what would be covered and what was out of pocket), to Janelle, Tami and Rita, ( who are awesome dental hygienists/assistants) all make a great team! I will be recommending Dr. Montgomery and her staff to anyone and everyone I know!

    Beth White Avatar Beth White

    Most painless cleaning I've ever had! Most places have had to numb nearly my whole mouth, but Darcy was so gentle, she didn't have to numb me at all. The staff and Doctor are wonderful and make you feel like family.

    Melanie Jenkins Avatar Melanie Jenkins

    Boise Caring Dentistry does an incredible job and Dr. Montgomery and her staff always make you feel so welcome. I have always been very cautious about who I let near my teeth and have always sought out the best practitioner where I have lived. Boise Caring Dentistry has top of the line equipment, their staff is organized, caring and they make sure to give you plenty of reminders ahead of time about appointments. Their office is in pristine condition and they did a great job designing it to be relaxing too. I would highly recommend them to anyone who cares about the health and appearance of their teeth!

    Stephanie D Avatar Stephanie D
  • I had a great experience and the office is very relaxing. The staff is extremely kind and excellent at what they do. they have lots of things to do while you are waiting and being worked on. The atmosphere is very happy and I was always okay with the dentist but now I am eager to go! Can't wait for my next appointment!

    Abbie Steed Avatar Abbie Steed

    Best experience I have had in years. Very professional, Dr Montgomery and her team spends the time to provide the best dental care. She explains in detail the options and in my case needing to replace old crowns that were not done correct in the first place. One of my new crowns was not manufactured correct so she sent it back to get it right. Customer satisfaction is number one and you can tell.

    Michael O'Connor Avatar Michael O'Connor

    After years of being uncomfortable with the thought of any dental work, I found Dr. Montgomery and her caring staff to have completely changed my feelings. With extensive work, there was never any discomfort. I sincerely appreciated their process of informing me of all options I had and the entire dental process was thoroughly explained prior to all procedures. I am happy to highly recommend Boise Caring Dentistry and Dr. Montgomery to everyone.

    Sandra Lanham Avatar Sandra Lanham
  • Visiting this practice was relaxing: The staff conversed with each other pleasantly while working on my mouth. They let me relax during the procedure, only asking me questions when they needed to see how I was doing. The views of waterfalls/gardens outside the full pane window enhances the calming atmosphere provided by the staff. The staff made every effort to make me an informed patient. Before the procedure, they explained very completely what they were going to do, and afterwards gave instructions on what to eat and how to floss after the visit. The billing and office staff is also great with explaining benefits.

    Irene Athena Avatar Irene Athena

    Boise Caring Dentistry is a great place to get your teeth cleaned! Everyone is very nice and helpful. Dr. Montgomery is very knowledgable and cares about her patients! I'd recommend this dentistry to anyone!

    Alexis Standley Avatar Alexis Standley

    I went to Boise Caring to have my almagams removed safely as well as have some other work done. Veronica came recommended through 3 different people that we know. little backstory: I suffer with extreme anxiety. Like sometimes the drive in itself from Nampa to Boise induces panic episodes. It’s really rough ?. Any sort of doctor related appts will have me stressing for days before it even happens. I sometimes just end up canceling appts the day of because I just can’t even make myself go. The dentist is the WORST for me though. I put off a severely decaying tooth for 5 years. (I don’t recommend doing that btw) Well I sucked it up and went to all 4 of my appts at Boise caring. One of them I was out under for 3.5 hours of work. The three I was conscious for everyone there was all so accommodating and understanding, especially the dental assistant that helped me each time. They made me feel pretty comfortable and accomadated my requests as best as they could. Each appt felt a little easier to go to each time. For my major appt I ended up needing a tooth pulled and I had trouble with bleeding when recovering. It was a Friday night and I was getting concerned. I ended up texting the dentist late that Friday night and she got back to me early the next morning. She was out of town, but made sure I was taken care of by her and her assistants. She was even willing to find me an oral surgeon while out of town if I needed. By the dentist recommendation I started taking vit K and that seemed to help stop the bleeding. I was just overall super impressed and grateful. I would def recommend Boise Caring!

    Alaskans In Idaho Avatar Alaskans In Idaho
  • I normally am petrified of the dentist. I finally got over my fears by having Dr. Montgomery as my dentist. She has an amazing staff that make you feel comfortable. Dr. Montgomery is very nice and very thorough. She explained everything that needed to be done then gave me options that I was comfortable with. My dental work was painless. My experience from start to finish has made me tell everyone I know about her. I would recommend her to anyone who is in search of a caring dentist.

    Erlinda091976 Avatar Erlinda091976

    Always like coming home when visiting Boise Caring Dentistry! Friendly faces, gentle and caring staff make going to the dentist a good experience! The dental care is at the highest level, always taking the time to explain options and care.

    Barbara Campagna Avatar Barbara Campagna

    I am so happy to have found Boise Caring Dentistry. My family and I recently relocated from Oregon and needed to find a holistic dentist that was going to take into consideration the whole body when seeing to our dental needs. We have found that with Dr. Montgomery. We love her and the whole staff here! They are kind and considerate and make us feel right at home. The setting is a bonus.

    D M Avatar D M
  • Hands down the best dentist I’ve been to in my 44 years of life. From top to bottom everything is done with excellence and with the patients full health in mind.

    Monica King Avatar Monica King

    I absolutely love Dr. Montgomery and her staff!! They are always high spirited! You can tell that they all enjoy their job and working with one another. This makes a huge difference in someone who has extreme anxiety when seeing the dentist, like I do. They make it a fun relaxing experience, that would other wise be stressful... I would recommend Dr Montgomery to anyone. They will make you feel like family by the time you leave!!!

    Andy Channer Avatar Andy Channer

    Love this place so much. The ladies here are phenomenal. They are constantly up to date on the latest clinical developments in the field of dentistry, and are anything but stuck in the times. Great humans, great conversations, and a great love of life. Could not recommend them highly enough for anyone interested in taking the best care of their health as possible.

    Kyle Blalock Avatar Kyle Blalock
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Biological Dentistry

Conditions in the mouth can have a big impact on the body. Your overall health can be reflected in your mouth. That’s why we approach dentistry wigh your whole body in mind.

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Ceramic Implants

Dental implants have a high level of performance leaving patients with beautiful smiles, and their rate of success is something that can’t be joked about.

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Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the latest in cutting-edge techniques and offers the highest level of precision.


Dentistry with Your
Comfort in Mind

Call us old fashioned, but we run our practice by the Golden Rule. We treat each and every one of our patients how we would like to be treated.

We understand that dentistry can be anxiety-inducing for many. So we take extra steps to make sure each visit is as relaxed and comfortable as possible for you. We focus on really listening to you, taking your goals, wishes, and values to heart.

Your oral health and well-being are our number one priority, 100% of the time. We would be honored to be entrusted with your dental health care.

Dr. Veronica Montgomery


Meet Dr.
Veronica Montgomery

Taking a holistic, biological approach to dentistry, Dr. Veronica Montgomery strives to support her patients’ whole body health and well-being through high quality family dentistry with a gentle touch. She is accredited by the IAOMT and certified in their Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). She is likewise certified in Integrative Biological Dental Medicine.