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“Caring” is in the middle of our name for a reason: We care for each and every one of our patients as if they were family. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best dental care possible so you can live your best life possible.

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As one of Boise’s top dentists and a highly regarded holistic, biological dentist across the Northwest, Dr. Veronica Montgomery and her highly trained, deeply knowledgeable team provide a full range of general and specialized dental services.

  • \Our office is fragrance-free, fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe.
  • \We don’t place metal restorations of any kind.
  • \The tooth-colored filling materials we use contain no BPA or related compounds.
  • \If your health is compromised or you have a history of sensitivities, we can order serum compatibility testing to determine the best materials for your individual needs.
Consistently, we emphasize education and prevention. When dental work is needed, we favor conservative treatment plans and minimally invasive procedures. Biocompatibility is a must.

Our ultimate goal:

To make sure that your smile is as healthy as it can be – so you can be as healthy as you can be.

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