Caring Gentle Dentistry for All

Because your teeth have feelings too.

Committed to Excellence

There's a reason we are leading the way for dentists in Boise, Idaho.


At Boise Caring Dentistry, we gain satisfaction from making each patient feel confident, comfortable, and carefree in their dental care. As a talented group of women, we share over 146 years of combined experience in dentistry. Our enthusiasm for our profession is second to none. Our attention to detail, perfectionism in even seemingly small details, and pride in what we do show why we are a high-quality dental practice. Each day gives us an opportunity to change lives.

Dentists in Boise Idaho


It might seem outdated, but we run our practice with the golden rule in mind. We treat you exactly as we would like to be treated. We always focus on being kind by truly listening to you, taking your goals and wishes to heart, and never performing a procedure you don't need.



Your comfort and complete oral health will always be our number one priority. We have always been, and always will be, 100% dedicated to you; we promise to continue investing in the newest technology and learning the best techniques available in dentistry to better your dental care.

Dentists in Boise Idaho
Dentists in Boise Idaho


Our passion started well over 21 years ago. It has never dimmed or grown dull; rather our passion has grown into a driving force that keeps us up-to-date on every advancement made in dentistry. This passion continues to mold our way of thinking and the way we operate our business. It's no wonder we have earned a reputation of being one of the top dentists in Boise, Idaho.