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Treatment Costs & Estimates

If there is ever any question about whether a certain material we’re considering is appropriate for you, we can order serum biocompatibility testing to help identify the materials you are least likely to have sensitivities to.

For this test, you simply provide a small sample of your blood for laboratory testing. The assessment looks at nearly 100 chemical groups that are commonly used in dental materials. The findings for those groups are then compared to a database of over 17,000 brand name materials to identify those you may be most and least reactive to. The report that’s generated is then sent to us to guide our decision making.

We strongly recommend biocompatibility testing for anyone with a history of allergies or sensitivities, or other chronic health problems in which dental conditions are known to play a potential role.


Payment in full is expected at the time services are provided, unless other arrangements have been made with us.

We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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Dental Insurance

As a fee-for-service practice, we do not participate in any dental benefit plans. If you have a plan that allows you to see out-of-network providers, we are happy to help prepare and submit claims to your insurer for reimbursement. If you have questions about whether a certain treatment will be covered, you should contact your insurer directly.

Any reimbursement will be made directly to you. Full payment is still expected at the time services are provided.

Financing Options

We offer CareCredit as a way to pay off large dental expenses over time, with zero interest for a limited period. To learn more about this option or how to apply, ask one of our front desk team members at your visit.
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