New Patients

We always welcome new patients here at Boise Caring Dentistry. And there are lots of good reasons why people like you seek an office like ours to entrust with their dental needs.
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Your Oral Health & Well-Being Are Our #1 Priority

Each and every patient at Boise Caring Dentistry is much more than just a patient. Each patient is a one-of-a-kind individual. We treat each and every one person we meet as we would like to be treated.

We understand that dentistry can be anxiety-inducing for many. So we take extra steps to make sure each visit is as relaxed and comfortable as possible for you. We focus on really listening to you, taking your goals, wishes, and values to heart.

Your oral health and well-being are our number one priority, 100% of the time.

Boise Caring Dentistry new patients

We Have a Passion for Doing Right by Our Patients

Dr. Montgomery and her team gain satisfaction from making each patient feel confident, comfortable, and carefree in their dental care. You’ll find our collective enthusiasm for our profession is second to none.

In fact, we’re dedicated to keeping up to date with the newest technology and techniques that modern dentistry has to offer, as it lets us do more for you – all the while blending this advanced dentistry with traditional healing wisdom to support your whole body health through optimal oral health.

We seek perfection in even the seemingly smallest of details, for we understand the power of biological dentistry to literally change lives. We also respect the impact that dental work – both its materials and techniques – can have on whole body health.

So if problems arise, we look for root causes stemming from conditions in the mouth, as we find it makes more sense to treat those rather than just address symptoms. And we go to great lengths to make sure that any dental work we do is biocompatible, supporting your whole body health and well-being.

Our passion for doing the right thing by our patients is truly the driving force that pushes us toward continual improvement, doing as much as we can to help our patients truly thrive through optimal oral health.

We would be honored to be entrusted with your own dental health care.