Ozone Therapy

Medical grade ozone is a kind of super-charged oxygen. It’s also one of the most important and flexible tools we have to treat infection and support better, faster healing.
Ozone therapy
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You may have heard of ozone as a pollutant or as an atmospheric layer that human activity once formed a hole in. But ozone is also a powerful disinfectant, able to conquer bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Because of this, it has also been harnessed for medical use for over 100 years.
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How Does Medical Grade Ozone Work?

The thing that gives ozone its power is an extra atom of oxygen in each molecule. The air you breathe is O2: two oxygen atoms joined in a single, stable molecule. Ozone is O3, and that third atom makes the molecule highly unstable.

To become stable again, the molecule has to lose that extra atom, and it does. But one atom of oxygen can’t exist on its own, so it attaches to other things, including pathogens. This interferes with bacteria’s, viruses’, and fungi’s ability to function, allowing them to be excreted through the normal channels of elimination.

Ozone has also proven to stimulate oxygen uptake, improve circulation, increase antioxidant protection, stimulate the mitochondria to produce more energy, and decrease chronic inflammation.

Dental ozone

How Is Ozone Used in Dentistry?

Biological dentists like Dr. Veronica Montgomery use ozone in a wide range of procedures and more generally as a means of infection control. Ozonated water is used in all of our treatment rooms, so whenever we rinse your mouth, you get an antimicrobial benefit, too. (This also helps keep our water lines pristine, reducing the risk of cross-contamination!)

Ozone gas can be used to treat surface decay and all stages of gum disease. It can treat cavitations (areas of dead and decaying flesh hidden by healthy-looking gum tissue, often caused by tooth sockets not being cleaned thoroughly after extractions). It can treat TMJ pain.

Best of all, ozone has very few side effects and can be used safely by most people.

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Dental Ozone at Boise Caring Dentistry

The ozone we use here at Boise Caring Dentistry is all produced from medically pure oxygen (not oxygen from the air) with our Longevity ozone generator. This unit produces the cleanest form of ozone possible, 100% pure and contaminant-free.